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DELIGHT offers technical leadership in blockchain technologies. We have aimed to support and scale the decentralized ecosystem by providing world-class protocols and services with rapidly deployable solutions.

Experienced Members

The team consists of fast-learning software engineers and a product designer. All members are fully experienced in decentralized platforms and ecosystems.

Experienced Operator
DELIGHT is currently working as a validator for more than 10 blockchain projects. In particular, all team members have experience in developing and operating the main net of the Tendermint-based blockchain which enables more professional operation.
Confidence in Credibility
DELIGHT has become a trusted validator group through many operational experiences. Currently, we work with leading institutions to operate validating nodes. In addition, we participate in Genesis validating for projects such as Fetch.ai, Medibloc, and Rizon to strengthen the stability of the project and increase public confidence.
Support Ecosystem

DELIGHT is providing support for enhanced ecosystem development. In particular, Terraswap, a DEX run by Terra project, is the first DEX in Terra blockchain and has become an essential project for Terra blockchain users. In addition, Charging and aggregator projects based on Terraswap were created, and the subsequent AMM projects inspired the expansion of the Terra ecosystem.



Derick Moon

Product Designer

Sooyoung Ha

Software Engineer

Bryan Lee

Software Engineer

Joowon Yun

Software Engineer

Seokyeon Hwang


Joon Lee

Software Engineer

Jihyung Lee

Software Engineer

Maro Kim

Software Engineer

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